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Response to the Privacy Act Review: Issues Paper

December 2020

Person using a smartphone and laptop with white graphics showing cyber security network of connected devices and personal data security

CHOICE's response to the Privacy Act Review: Issues Paper focuses on matters most relevant to the interactions between people in their role as consumers and businesses that hold and use their data. Protections about access to personal information can be strengthened and the proposals in this paper are a positive step forward. 

CHOICE is particularly supportive of measures to improve how privacy complaints operate including a direct right of action. What is done with data that companies or other parties hold must be better dealt with. This issue can only be partly solved with notification, consent and transparency measures. Rather than requiring a consumer to understand how a product or service may be harmful for them, it is far better to stop the harm. 

As a next step, CHOICE also suggests that the inquiry explore how performance-based regulation could be applied in a privacy context.

Download submission (PDF)

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