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Aldi is selling a discounted baby monitor, but should you buy it?

The Oricom baby monitor is going cheap, but our experts say you should think twice before buying.

Last updated: 20 February 2023


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CHOICE verdict

At less than half its recommended retail price, this Special Buy may seem like a great discount. But before you dash to your nearest Aldi store, take heed of our experts – they say the performance of this baby monitor is poor and that there are better options around the same price point.

Price: $99.95

Aldi is selling the Oricom SC740 Digital Baby Monitor as part of its baby-themed Special Buy sales this Wednesday 22 February. The baby monitor is selling for the discounted price of $99.95 (the same product is currently available on the Oricom website for $249). It's available for a limited time only, while stocks last.

Are Oricom baby monitors any good? 

In our labs, we've tested eight baby monitors from the Oricom brand, all with different features at different price points. 

The Oricom SC740 Digital Baby Monitor was the second-poorest performer of the lot, scoring an overall CHOICE Expert Rating of 58% (only outscoring one other Oricom monitor – the Oricom Secure 715). Our experts gave it a dismal overall picture performance score of 50% and a sound range score of just 50%. 

CHOICE test experts Peter Zaluzny and Denis Gallagher say, "This monitor scored borderline results in optimal conditions, and it's prone to interference. We wouldn't recommend anyone buy it, no matter how cheap it is, especially when you consider that we tested other audio/video monitors that perform better and cost around the $100 mark."

Do you need a video baby monitor? 

We test many different types of baby monitors, including audio, video/audio, app-based and Wi-Fi/3G/4G enabled to help you find the best.

Monitors with video and Wi-Fi features are generally more expensive, so if you have a lower budget and a baby monitor is on your must-buy list, then you could consider an audio-only model.

While obviously you won't be able to see your child asleep (or refusing to sleep), you will still be able to hear them if they cry or they need you. After all, when they wake you up screeching at 3am, you don't need to confirm via a visual aid that they are indeed awake.

While some parents appreciate video features on a monitor that enable them to actually see that bub is OK, others may find that the light from a video monitor (on the parent unit) and the added stimulation of a visual of your child while you're both trying to sleep, can add to stress rather than alleviate it.

For more pros and cons and details of video vs audio monitors, read our baby monitor buying guide.

"We recommend several audio-only baby monitors that come in under $100," says Denis. 

"Another option to consider if you don't want to splash out hundreds on a monitor is to use a baby monitor app in conjunction with the smartphone or tablet you already own – these can cost as little as a few dollars and are also included in our baby monitor reviews."

"Another option you could consider is to use a wireless security camera, which essentially does the same job as a baby monitor and might offer you better bang for your buck. We have tested a few lower cost options as baby monitors in our wireless security camera reviews." 

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