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Travel insurance reviews - single trip

Last updated: 04 January 2019

This comparison is for single trip travel insurance policies but if you're a frequent traveller compare annual multi-trip or credit card travel insurance policies instead. Not sure which way is up with travel insurance comparisons? Visit our travel insurance buying guide for expert tips.

Planning a trip? Check out our travel guides for Europe, Japan, the USA and more.

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What is the best travel insurance? Is it the travel insurance that pays the comparison site the most money? Or is it the travel insurance rated the best by fake user reviews? That might be the case elsewhere on the web, but we're not like the other insurance comparison websites.

To find the best travel insurance policy focus on:

  • Medical and evacuation cover: the main reason for getting travel insurance. Without it, medical costs can range from selling your car to selling your house to get home safe.
  • Policy exclusions: Most policies adequately cover medical expenses but common exclusions include alcohol, terrorism and pre-existing conditions such as mental health.
  • Cancellation: If a volcano blows in Bali, you'll want to recoup the cost of that five-star resort stay.
  • Luggage: Cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops – it all adds up to more than you think.
  • Claims service: Terms and conditions are one thing but when you're in a fix, you want a helpful professional on the other end of the phone.
  • Value for money: We're constantly surprised at insurers that charge more but offer less. Our reviews recommend policies that offer the best cover at competitive prices.

We compare more than 140 travel insurance policies from 62 insurers offering cruise, backpackers, seniors, couples and family travel insurance to recommend the best policy for you. Insurers include Southern Cross Travel Insurance, One Cover, Travel Insurance Direct, Aussie Travel Cover, CGU Travel Insurance and Cover-more.

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How well this policy covers features such as medical, cancellation, baggage, public liability, pre-existing conditions, cover for dependants, rental car, and activities covered.

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The higher the rating the better they perform. Based on the number of consumers that lodged a dispute about an insurer with the Financial Ombudsman Service, how far they progressed through that process and what the chance was of achieving an agreeable outcome.

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  • Dental expenses acute pain
  • Cancellation expenses
  • Additional expenses for interrupted travel
  • Additional expenses for special event
  • Additional expenses for pre-paid travel arrangements
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Hours before travel delay covered
  • Limit per 24 hour period for travel delay
  • Baggage expenses
  • Single unspecified item
  • Video or photo camera
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Prescribed medications
  • Limit for baggage lost temporarily
  • Family limit for baggage lost temporarily
  • Hours before cover applies for baggage lost temporarily
  • Rental car excess
  • Limit for rental car excess
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