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Travel insurance reviews - annual multi-trip

Last updated: 24 September 2019

If you take more than one overseas trip in a year, you might benefit from year-long multi-trip travel insurance. We've independently reviewed 64 insurance policies to help you find the best one. Only travel occasionally? See our reviews of single trip travel insurance policies.

How we score
  • Cover – The cover score makes up 60% of the CHOICE Score and measures the level of cover for medical, cancellation, addditional expenses, baggage, rental car covered and more. For more information, see our articles on common travel insurance exclusionsmental health and travel insurance, and travel insurance and alcohol exclusions.
  • Price – The price score makes up 20% of the CHOICE Score. The higher the price score, the cheaper the policy is compared to other insurers. It's based on the average premium for singles, couples and families for travel annually worldwide.
  • Complaints – The complaints score makes up 10% of the CHOICE Score and uses data from the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) to assess how well insurers deal with claims disputes based on the number of people who lodged a dispute about an insurer with AFCA in the last financial year, how far they progressed through that process and the willingness of insurers to come to an agreement. 
  • Ease of use – The ease of use score makes up 10% of the CHOICE Score. This score rates how accessible a product's disclosure documents are (number of documents, word count), whether you can purchase and claim online and whether there is a 24/7 claims phone line.

Our reviews are rigorous and completely independent. See how we're different to other insurance comparison websites.

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      • Complaints score
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      • Price score
      • Brand
      • Policy
      • Underwriter
      • Policy age limit
      • Medical expenses
      • Dental expenses for accident or injury ($)
      • Dental expenses acute pain ($)
      • Cancellation expenses
      • Additional expenses for interrupted travel ($)
      • Additional expenses for special event ($)
      • Additional expenses for pre-paid travel arrangements
      • Travel delay expenses ($)
      • Hours before travel delay covered
      • Limit per 24 hours for travel delay ($)
      • Baggage expenses
      • Single unspecified item ($)
      • Video or photo camera ($)
      • Laptop or tablet ($)
      • Smartphone ($)
      • Prescribed medications ($)
      • Limit for baggage lost temporarily
      • Family limit for baggage lost temporarily
      • Hours before cover applies for baggage lost temporarily
      • Rental car excess
      • Limit for rental car excess ($)


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