Argentina accommodation guide

What you need to know to find the best accommodation in Argentina.

Where to stay in Argentina

Accommodation in Argentina comes in many forms, from budget hostels to five-star hotels. In this guide you'll find information about:

Make the most of your money in Argentina.


Hotels in Argentina are sometimes also called posadas. You can search for and book hotels, resorts and hostels online through sites such as or Compare booking sites and the hotel's website (if it has one) to find the lowest price. Check reviews on before you book. Five-star hotels in Buenos Aires will set you back around $200 per night, four stars from around $100 and three stars from $50 and up.


Youth hostels, also known as albergues juveniles or albergues de la juventud in Argentina, are available in many parts of the country. You can find and compare some of them online on sites such as or Hostels in Buenos Aires can cost as little as $10 a night for a bed in a dorm and up to $50 for a private room.

Hosterías and B&Bs

Hosterías are Argentine inns, and tend to be like smaller boutique hotels. 

B&Bs are another popular form of accommodation, and tend to be up-market and small. Some B&Bs also double as tango houses, offering performances or lessons for guests. Prices in Buenos Aires start from around $60 per night.

Residenciales and hospedajes

Residenciales and hospedajes in Argentina are often homestays or other types of budget accommodation. The facilities tend to be basic, although some of the more fancy ones may provide creature comforts such as televisions.

To find private home rentals, or rooms for rent in locals' homes, try You can get a bed in a private room in someone's home for less than $20 a night. 


For those after something a little more adventurous, some of Argentina's estancias (or ranches) have opened their doors to the public for a farm stay experience. Estancia stays vary from rustic farmhouses to luxurious residences, but tend to be at the higher end of the market. The full experience includes four meals a day, an exhibition by the property's gauchos (cowboys), and activities such as horse riding, fishing or cattle herding. Estancias Argentina has a comprehensive guide to the country's ranches. You can also visit an estancia on a day trip.

On the lower end of the scale, an estancia near Buenos Aires costs anywhere from $115-$215 per person per night plus tax, up to more than $550 for the fancier offerings.


Cabañas are self-catering cabins or cottages that are popular in beach resort areas. You can find a range of them on, with prices starting from $40 for the entire home.  

Top tips

  • The term hostal in Argentina is a generic one that applies to hotels and hostels.
  • Make sure you check what currency your chosen accommodation is quoting your price in – the Argentine peso uses the same dollar symbol as the Aussie dollar ($).
  • Check whether tax is included in the price of your reservation – it often isn't. However, since January 2017 any guests paying with a foreign credit card will have their 21% hotel VAT refunded.