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Carpet stain remover reviews

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Last updated: 29 October 2018


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Got a nasty stain you need to remove from your carpet? We lab test and review carpet stain removers to help you find which works best. Read how we test to see how we get the results and our home recipe ingredients, and our buying guide will give you an overview of your carpet cleaning options.

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We've tested most of the carpet stain removers on the market, including the spray and the blot type products, to tell you which ones:

  • remove four different stains – red wine, oil/dirt, sauce and coffee – most effectively
  • are best for either embedded stains, spot stains, or both
  • are good value for money.

Also see which product was so bad we gave it a 2016 Shonky Award.

  • Stay on top of the carpet cleaning with a good vacuum. See which ones we rate best for carpets in our vacuum cleaner reviews
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