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Electric filter, pour over and vacuum/siphon coffee reviews

Last updated: 22 June 2018

Coffee isn't all about espresso. Alternative methods like electric drip filters, vacuums and pour overs are back in the spotlight. We lab test and review the latest models to help you find the best alternative brew method for you. Our non-espresso brewing guide will help you understand the difference between the methods, and how we test explains our testing rigour.

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Our test covers siphon (also known as syphon or vacuum) brewing, electric drip filters and pour-over filter methods. These methods don't deliver the full-bodied taste of espresso but should be enjoyed in their own right.

Our expert tester gives every coffee maker a thorough workout. For each category we rate the models that:
  • are easiest to prepare and clean
  • deliver the best-tasting coffee with good body and flavour clarity.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you filter coffee makers by type and see how they score for both professional and layperson taste tests. Our Recommended models will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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    The type of coffee maker tested. This could be either an electric drip filter machine, pour over (manual drip filter) or vacuum (also known as siphon/syphon). For more on how all of these work, see our buying guide.

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