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Tips and hacks that actually make your life worse

Turns out you shouldn't do everything you read on the internet.

several life hacks on blue background
Last updated: 28 August 2019

Life hacks represent the best of the internet and the worst of the internet. The good ones will make your life better, the bad ones will inconvenience you and may even make you smell.

Here's a heads up on some of the hacks going around the internet that you'd be wise to ignore.

1. The frozen peanut butter hack

This 'hack', posted on The Food Network in September 2017, claimed to make school lunches easier. You be the judge.

First, spread peanut butter across a large sheet of baking paper, cover with a second sheet and roll it out with a rolling pin. Put it in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, use scissors to cut the sheet peanut butter into bread-sized squares. Place one square between two pieces of bread to make a sandwich.

Life's most vexing issue – spreading peanut butter onto bread – is now SOLVED in five totally unnecessary steps.

2. Anything involving a pool noodle

Apparently, pool noodles aren't just for the pool: they can also be used to stop car doors from slamming and as a hose extension for your tap (among other 'genius' ideas). Take it from me, leave those things in the pool where they belong.

fruit fly trap

3. All the fruit fly catcher hacks 

From creating a slush trap in a cup to jumping around with a butterfly net to catch them, I've tried everything.

I have now come to the conclusion that there's only one way to get rid of fruit flies – stop buying fruit that your kids won't eat.

4. Use half an orange as deodorant 

Forgot to put your deodorant on this morning? No probs. Just cut an orange or lemon in half and rub that sucker under your arms. 

Not only will this one make your life worse, it will also make life worse for anybody around you because you'll smell like the inside of a school bag.

using straw to destalk strawberry

5. De-stalk a strawberry using a straw 

We all thought this one was genius when it first appeared a few years ago. Then we tried it.

You push a plastic straw through the bottom of the strawberry to the top until the stalk pops out. 

Then you have to get the stalky bit out of the straw so that you can pull the straw back out again and … honestly, just use a small paring knife to cut that thing off.

slice of salami on smartphone to make pet look at camera

6. Stick salami to your phone to take a great photo of your dog 

Allow me to explain. You know how your dog never looks at the camera when you try to take a photo? 

Well, if you put a piece of salami on your phone, your dog will look right at it.

Personally, I can't see anything else happening other than my dog lunging at my phone to eat the piece of salami.

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