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Sanitary pad reviews

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Last updated: 02 November 2022


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It's important to find period products that keep you feeling comfortable and protected. 

Our lab test results will tell you which sanitary pads:

  • absorb fluid the quickest
  • stay dry on the surface
  • have a strong adhesive system to keep them secure
  • leaked during testing. 

We've also partnered with Shop Ethical on this update to show the ratings that the Ethical Consumer Group gives to each company.

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Only products of each type (regular and super) can be directly compared with one another, so use our filter tool to sort by type. Our Recommended list will quickly show you which brands scored the best in our tests.

Did you know CHOICE tests more than just sanitary pads? Check out our top 50 reviews.

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    We test regular and super pads. Pads that are labelled as super, overnights or maternity have all been tested as super pads. Only products within each type are directly comparable to one another.


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      Wings are the extra material on the sides of the pad that fold over the sides of your underwear.

        Absorbency score

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        Each product is tested for its absorbency speed. A specific amount of saline solution is dosed into the centre of the sanitary pad using the dosage pump. The amount of time it takes for the liquid to disappear is recorded and the process is repeated once more after waiting for three minutes. The total time for both gushes to absorb is taken as the absorption speed.

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        Price per pad

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        The cost per pad is the price we paid divided by the pack size tested.

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        • Leakage detected
        • Wings
        • Individually wrapped
        • Warning not to flush
        • PEFC FSC or Sustainable Forest Initiative certified
        • Biodegradable claims
        • Odour control claims
        • Suitable for sensitive skin claims
        • Unscented claims
        • Other claims
        • Country of origin


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