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Upright Go 2 smart posture improver review

This wearable smart device promises better posture. Does it work?

Upright go2 with box
Last updated: 27 August 2019

CHOICE verdict

The Upright Go 2 is an unobtrusive smart device that’s comfortable to wear and easy to use. Getting it to help improve your posture, however, does require some attention during setup to avoid false readings. If you have the discipline to use the Upright Go 2 properly, you should find your posture improves over time.

Price: $149.95

Most of us could improve our posture, particularly anyone working in an office environment, spending hours at a time sitting at a desk or slumping in the sofa watching TV. 

Straps and braces have been used to help either correct poor posture or help train the body to recognise what good posture should feel like. But as with all health and fitness devices, they only work if you are disciplined enough to use them.

The Upright Go 2 is a small smart device that you wear to not only alert you when you are slouching, but also to show you how best to sit and stand to relieve stress on your spine.

Upright go2 kit

Everything you need to improve your posture is in the box, except the self discipline to use it.

Perfect posture in a box

The device is small yet carries out two important tasks to help you sit up and stand in a strong postural position. The first part is the vibration that alerts you to a less than ideal posture and the second part is the overall tracking of your every move to give you a history of when you are sitting and standing in a strong position – and when you are not.

The kit comes with the device which is about the size of a thin dishwasher tablet. You place it at the top of your spine using an adhesive that stays in place yet is easy to remove.

Upright go2 on back

Placed in the middle of the back, the device is small and unobtrusive.

The kit also includes a USB cable and charger, as well as several reusable stickers and wipes to get you off and running (or standing).

Battery life: The Upright Go 2 should deliver a few days' use before requiring a charge.

Does it work?

The Upright Go 2 promises improved posture after two weeks. After using the device for a couple of weeks and sharing it with other users, we think this claim does have merit. However it's not fool proof; you need to be motivated to follow the instructions and follow the setup procedure and calibration properly to ensure you get good accurate feedback.

posture training

Goal setting for better posture.

Rewarding good posture

If you have a fitness tracker or watch, you'll be familiar with the way data is presented over time, with various goals to be met over a period of time. Setting specific goals will hold a strong appeal for many.


The setup process is deceptively simple: put in your height, weight and age and you are ready to start sitting up straight.

Unfortunately, the simplicity seems to allow a lot of room for error in the setup as the device only works as well as the person setting it up. If you don't calibrate it properly, the device will simply ignore some poor posture positions.