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Vegan meat reviews

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Last updated: 17 October 2019


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We blind taste test and review nine plant based meats (six burger patty products, three mince products) sold in supermarkets from brands including Alternative Meat Co, Beyond Meat, Funky Fields, Unreal Co and Veef.

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How we test


We tested plant-based burger patties and minces that are available nationally through at least one of the major supermarket chains. We focused on products that are being sold alongside regular meat in the chilled section and/or are marketed predominantly as 'plant-based' or 'alternative' (beef-style) meats rather than as vegan/vegetarian burgers. To be included, their first ingredient (other than water) had to be a vegetable protein. 

Price is based on the pack price in Sydney stores (not on special) in September 2019. We tested a total of nine plant-based products (six burger patties and three minces). 


A total of 42 people took part in our taste test – 36 who do eat meat and six who don't (identifying as vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian). Participants tasted the samples 'blind' (without knowing the brands) in a randomised order, which was different for each person. 

Burger patties and minces were tested separately. 

We pan fried all the patties according to pack instructions. We prepared a Bolognese sauce with each mince, using the same ingredients and following any cooking instructions on pack. 

Each sample was tasted by all 42 participants. For each sample, participants decided if they 'disliked', 'liked' or 'loved' it and wrote comments.


The CHOICE score is made up of taste (70%) and nutrition (30%). We calculate the taste score as an average of all responses, whereby 'dislike' is scaled at 25, 'like' at 70 and 'love' at 100. The nutrition score is based on the product's Health Star Rating, which we calculated from the details in the nutrition information panel and changed to a percentage.

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