Sugar in soft drinks

Sugar overload

How much sugar is in your favourite soft drinks and juices?

Boost Juice Blueberry Blast Low Fat Smoothie (610mL) – 22 teaspoons

Mountain Dew (600mL) – 19 teaspoons

Coca Cola (600mL) – 16 teaspoons

Red Bull (473mL) – 13 teaspoons

Powerade Isotonic Mountain Blast (600mL) – 8.5 teaspoons

Golden Circle Sunshine Punch Juice Drink (250mL) – 7 teaspoons

Lipton Peach Ice Tea (500mL) – 6.5 teaspoons

Just Juice Apple (200mL) – 5 teaspoons

1 teaspoon of sugar = 4g

Teaspoons per serve rounded to the nearest half teaspoon

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