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iPrimus broadband review

How does iPrimus stack up as an internet service provider?

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iPrimus has been operating in Australia for more than 25 years. It was bought by M2 Group in 2012, which itself became part of Vocus in 2016.

During the ADSL era, it was one of Australia's largest providers and network operators. These days, it controls just 2% of the market, according to our 2023 internet service provider (ISP) customer satisfaction survey.

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How fast are iPrimus NBN plans?

The ACCC's NBN monitoring program records the internet speeds of Australian providers thanks to more than a thousand volunteers. 

We take their data, published quarterly, and apply a scoring methodology to reveal which NBN providers are the fastest for a given plan and connection technology. 

That said, the ACCC combines the speed data for Dodo and iPrimus into a single set of results, and so our speed scores also reflect a combination of these two providers.

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In addition to speed, there's also whether customers are happy with the speed they're receiving, which we survey every couple of years.

At the end of each financial year, we combine the ACCC's speed data with our most recent ISP satisfaction survey results to figure out which ISPs are the best in Australia.

The graph below includes a tab comparing overall speed scores for FY21–22.

Why we've partnered with WhistleOut

We've partnered with search engine WhistleOut to help you find and buy the right plan for you. The 'compare plans' links in the above table will take you to their site. While we make money if you buy through WhistleOut, this doesn't influence our rankings. 100% of the money we make goes straight back into our nonprofit mission.

Are iPrimus customers happy?

Unlike with our speed scores, we're able to separate iPrimus and Dodo when it comes to customer satisfaction.

iPrimus customers are generally quite happy with their service. In our 2023 ISP satisfaction survey, iPrimus came second, though still scored significantly below the first place (Aussie Broadband).

Unfortunately, we didn't gather enough data about iPrimus to report on NBN satisfaction, due to the low number of respondents who were with this ISP.

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