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Cheap Bluetooth speaker reviews

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Last updated: 30 April 2020


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 Turn an ordinary outing into a party for less than $100 with the right Bluetooth speaker. Music stored on your smartphone can be shared in but a few taps, and most are small enough to disappear among the stuff in your backpack.

  • Learn about their different features in our buying guide.
  • Gain a glimpse into how we test these speakers.
  • Check out our test of more expensive wireless speakers if you're after better sound quality, battery life and more features.
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Our experts test models from popular brands in our sound room to find the speakers that:

  • have the best sound quality
  • have longest lasting battery life
  • are the easiest to use.

Our interactive comparison tool can help you find the speakers with the features most important to you – like the ability to handle phone calls, or take on splashes from wet hands.

Did you know CHOICE tests much more than just bluetooth speakers? Check out our Top 50 reviews.

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    Takes phone calls

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    A microphone built into the speaker makes it possible to take an incoming phone call.

      Stereo speaker

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      Stereo speakers play audio from a left and right channel, creating the illusion sound is coming from more than one direction.

        Pair with additional speaker

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        Some speakers can be paired together in order to play back music with more volume, or to simulate a stereo speaker set up. 

          Splash resistant

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          Can tolerate splashes, but cannot be submerged in water.

            Shock proof

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