Streaming satisfaction survey 2015

How does your streaming service provider compare?

Streaming service winners and losers

Streaming has had a big year in 2015 with the launch of new platforms such as Netflix and the rapid uptake of streaming in many Australian households.

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The CHOICE Streaming Satisfaction Survey 2015 is the first of its kind to ask viewers about their streaming experience and to rate providers for their service such as the catalogue of movie and TV shows and value for money.

So if you’re keen to see how your streaming service measures up or to hear about real-world experiences, here’s some valuable information on Australian streaming platforms.

Streaming service provider winners

  • Highest Overall Score: Netflix, Apple TV
  • Most Reliable Streaming: Netflix
  • Best Value for Money: Netflix
  • Best Quality/Range of Programs: Apple TV

How you rated the streaming services

Users of Foxtel Play, Telstra T-Box, Quickflix and Presto were more likely to report problems with the service. Most experienced issues with streaming, slowing down of internet and too many TV programs being repeated. Some users also complained about not being able to access certain shows in Australia, giving them a lack of variety compared to US services.

Netflix and Apple TV achieved high overall scores as well as high scores for reliability of streaming, value for money and the quality/range of programs on offer.

Streaming satisfaction scores

Streaming services Overall score (%) Reliability of streaming score(%) Value for money score(%) Quality/range score(%)
Netflix (n=632) 75 78 80 66
Apple TV (n=351) 74 75 72 71
AVERAGE 67 72 67 63
Fetch (n=98) 67 71 69 59
Stan (n=115) 66 69 73 61
Telstra T-Box (n=106) 63 71 64 60
Google Play (n=56) 68 71 67 68
Foxtel Play (n=321) 62 70 52 62
Table notes: n Number of respondents. Quickflix and Presto had below 50 respondents so were not included in the table.

What were the main issues?

CHOICE recognises that streaming can be affected by internet issues, which are largely outside of the direct control of streaming platforms, but they nonetheless need to have measures to deal with the inevitable peak congestion.

•             Problems with streaming.

•             Slowing down of internet.

•             Too many repeated programs.

•             Limited content in Australia compared to US.

What you said about streaming services

Netflix, VIC

Subscribe to the US service as the program range in Australia is too limited.

Netflix, WA

Use a lot of Netflix now instead of Google play or Foxtel because of its simplicity.

Foxtel Play, Apple TV, ACT/NT/Tas

It's dependent on the speed of your internet connection. If the internet is slow, so is your streaming.

Foxtel, Vic

Foxtel difficult to deal with and overpriced and inflexible. Only keep due to Fox Footy.

Apple TV, Netflix, Qld

Apple TV is fantastic with no subscriptions, $99 one-off purchase price and all my media on all the computers accessible in our house. Netflix has so much content for the monthly price, it’s fantastic.

Stan, NSW

Stan sometimes buffers. Acceptable overall. Main problem with streaming services is too much old content.

Quickflix, Apple TV, NSW

Unable to stream with Apple TV due to slow connection. Quickflix is okay if not watching in the evenings. Base price okay but have to pay extra to watch newer movies.

About the survey

We surveyed 3625 CHOICE members in July and August 2015 about their internet, mobile and video streaming service providers. We asked what they think of their service and about any problems they’ve had. 

  • All scores are calculated out of 100.
  • User satisfaction score is calculated from the respondent’s rating of their service provider from excellent to terrible.
  • Service and support score is calculated from the respondent’s rating from excellent to terrible of their experience with service and support if they have contacted their service provider in the last 12 months.
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