Seagate Fast SSD review

Hands on with the 1TB Seagate Fast SSD, which lives up to its name and offers good auto-backup.

Lots of storage, accessed quick

Need super-fast mass storage on the go? A portable solid-state drive (SSD) is the fastest option and recent price drops mean high capacity SSDs are no longer prohibitively expensive, although they're still pricey compared to hard drives, which are much slower.

We put the latest 1TB (terabyte) Fast SSD portable drive (courtesy of Seagate) through our rigorous storage drive test, comparing it to models in our recent test of portable storage drives.

For the full list of specifications and test results, see our Seagate Fast SSD product information page.

Seagate Fast SSD 1TB

The Fast SSD is fast. Our 1TB model held up well against other models in our recent portable storage device reviews.

This drive is twice the capacity of the 500GB SSDs we tested. It's also very fast, although its performance came in a tad under the three fastest models in our recent test: the Samsung portable SSD T5, WD My Passport SSD and Verbatim Vx500 SSD External. However, in everyday use and even video editing you're unlikely to notice much difference.

The Fast SSD can be used with Windows or macOS out of the box, but you'll need to reformat for Mac if you want it to work with Apple's Time Machine program.

One ace up the Fast SSD's sleeve is its auto-backup software. If you download Seagate's free software toolkit, you can set folders on your computer to automatically back up to the portable drive.

Unfortunately, Seagate hasn't included any digital security (software nor firmware). So if you lose it, anyone can plug it in and access your files.

Though not specifically ruggedised, Seagate claims the drive is shock resistant and that it should stand up to being put in a backpack or satchel, or even survive a short drop. That's a good thing because you'll want to take this drive with you everywhere.

Seagate Fast SSD 1TB

RRP: $569


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