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Password manager reviews

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Last updated: 20 September 2023


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Password managers keep your collection of usernames, passwords and associated websites in a secure digital vault. We test and review the latest versions to help you find out which password managers:

  • are the easiest to use on desktop and mobile
  • can easily sync passwords across desktop and mobile devices
  • have the best security features.

Our test covers password managers that work with Windows 10 using Chrome, as well as iOS and Android devices, plus we tell you which ones work with Linux and other popular web browsers.

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Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which password managers have useful additional features such as a password generator, security warnings, security assessments, two-factor authentication and a portable USB version.

We also give you good and bad points for each program, and our Recommended list will quickly show you which models come out on top.

For more information on what to look for in a password manager, check out our password managers buying guide.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Purchase price in Australian dollars as of July 2023 for a 12-month subscription across multiple devices (premium version), including any bank fees where applicable. US prices have been converted to Australian dollars where applicable. Some programs offer cheaper-per-unit 'family pricing' for multiple users. Some programs offer a free version that may be limited in features or limited to a single device.

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    Ease of use score

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    We look at how easy the password manager is to use by assessing: installation (20%), capture (30%), using passwords (30%), and categorisation and maintenance (20%).

    enter value/s in increments of i between 55 and 70

    Password management score

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    How the software rates for password management overall. The desktop platform is used to judge password generators and changing of passwords, as many apps tell you to change passwords via a web browser. Password changes initiated on Android and iOS apps often take you to or tell you to use the main website, therefore we only judge password changes made through Chrome.

    enter value/s in increments of i between 63 and 87

    Sync score

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    How well the software syncs passwords across devices. The maximum score for sync is 90%, which is given if the sync is automatic, and the score reduces depending on how many steps are required to enable sync, and how easy those steps are to follow.

    enter value/s in increments of i between 70 and 90

    Included in this review

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    • CHOICE Expert Rating
    • Recommended
    • Ease of use score
    • Password management score
    • Sync score
    • Good points
    • Bad points
    • Tester comments
    • Price
    • Family plan available
    • Free version available
    • Free option notes
    • Cloud sync
    • Cloud sync notes
    • Encryption claim
    • Secure sharing of passwords
    • Master password reset
    • Local/Wi-Fi sync
    • Portable USB version
    • Sync across platforms
    • Multiple vaults
    • In-app browser
    • Security warnings
    • Web access with no plugins
    • Import from browsers
    • Password generator
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Actionable password strength report
    • Secure notes
    • Types of information stored
    • Digital legacy
    • Data export
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Chrome plugin
    • Firefox plugin
    • Edge plugin
    • Safari plugin
    • Opera plugin

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