Cot recalled after failing CHOICE safety test

CHOICE and the ACCC are warning consumers to stop using the All 4 Bubs Lunar Cot due to major safety failures.

Cot scores zero in our test

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a recall notice for the All 4 Bubs Lunar cot after it failed safety tests in the CHOICE labs. 

The cot – which sells for $449 through eBay and direct through the retailer – received a CHOICE score of zero out of 100 after it failed key safety tests, failed to meet information requirements and scored only 30% for ease of assembly. 

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Major safety failures

The cot failed to meet minimum safety standards in several key safety areas including strength and stability as well as posing a head and neck entrapment hazard. There are also no safety or informative markings.

Our testing found the All 4 Bubs Lunar cot had the following failures:

  • The ends of the filler bars can be pulled out of their sockets in the top and bottom rails.
  • During the strength test, the filler bars detached from the top and bottom rails, causing a fall risk. The rubber pieces at the tips of the filler bars were detachable and small enough to cause a choking hazard.
  • The cot poses a head and neck entrapment hazard.
  • The sample failed the stability test and the castors lifted off the floor.
  • The instructions are not clear and complete and there is no information on the external packaging.
  • Major safety failure: There are no safety or informative markings on the cot.

Seek a refund

"This is quite possibly one of the worst cots we have ever seen. We strongly urge any consumer who has purchased this cot to stop using it immediately and seek a refund," says CHOICE head of media, Tom Godfrey.

"We welcome the swift action by the regulator, this latest failure reinforces the need to review the mandatory Australian Standard for cots and mattresses and beef up the fines for companies that put infants at risk," Mr Godfrey says.

"Whether it's dodgy cots or flimsy mattresses, kids' safety has to be the priority. It's clear a number of companies are putting profit first."