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CluckAR: the free range egg detector app

Our free mobile app sorts the good eggs from the bad

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Need to know

  • Scan egg cartons in store to see their real 'free-range' rating.
  • The app uses unbiased research of egg producers.
  • Available free on Apple and Android devices.

CluckAR is a revolutionary free tool from CHOICE, inspired by our tireless campaigning for better, more meaningful egg labelling. Using fun augmented reality (AR) animation, it makes it easy to choose eggs that meet your standards.

Just point your smartphone camera at a carton in the supermarket to get a clear picture of the brand's real free-range rating. It's powered by our unbiased, up-to-date research, so you can be sure you're getting independent advice on which eggs are worth shelling out for.

CluckAR is free and available now in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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See how the app works

The app scans egg cartons to reveal their real 'free-range' rating.

Why use CluckAR?

While the CSIRO Model Code recommends that layer hens are stocked at a maximum density of 1,500 per hectare, some eggs with "free range" on the carton come from farms stocked as densely as 10,000 hens per hectare. 

Australians have told us that 10,000 hens per hectare is not what they picture when they pay extra for free-range eggs. CluckAR gives you real information to make informed decisions. Get it now on Apple and Google Play.

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