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CHOICE podcast

Latest tips, tricks and traps in the consumer universe

CHOICE podcast

The CHOICE podcast, hosted by Tony Delroy, gives you need-to-know consumer tips and tricks to help save you time and money. From the latest in consumer tech to navigating the pitfalls of the retail landscape, you'll hear from experts, analysts, testers and a few insiders about what's hot and – critically – what's not.

In each episode...

Talking tech

Hear from our technology journalists and testers about the latest in consumer tech. From streaming services to virtual reality, our tech experts will help you navigate the ever-changing technology market.

Lifting the lid

Hear from our investigative journalists and data analysts about how to avoid the latest cons and traps that will leave you out of pocket.

What not to buy

We bring you experts from across the retail world to dish the dirt on the worst products and services on offer. From washing powders to weight-loss programs, you’ll get the skinny on what to avoid.

CHOICE Insiders

From MPs to economists, hear from those in the know on all things public policy, from trade agreements to the rules and regulations that protect your purchases.

Latest podcast

Episode 6 Why the morning cup of coffee could be wreaking environmental havoc, free range fakery and how you can avoid being duped, plus The Checkout's Ben Jenkins reveals how he turns consumerism into comedy.

Recent episodes

Episode 5 Why Australians are losing up to $1.96 billion in superannuation each year and how you can protect your own super balance, plus exploring our lust for luxury goods and putting advertising claims to the test.

Episode 4 We review that summer swimming staple, rashies, to see exactly how sun safe they are. We also talk refund rights for those who've received a dud Christmas gift, and look at whether a new fitness fad for kids is all it's cracked up to be.

Episode 3 We talk Christmas toy safety, the rise of virtual reality, and how to deal with nuisance phone calls.

Episode 2 We take a look at the latest scams with ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard, lift the lid on time-share schemes, get the latest on streaming TV and tell you what not to buy when it comes to travel insurance.

Episode 1 In this inaugural episode of the CHOICE podcast, we take an in-depth look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Economics Editor from The Age, Peter Martin, get the latest on the ongoing fallout over Samsung's Galaxy Note7 and lift the lid on this year’s Christmas shopping trends.  

Stay tuned for more.


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