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Last updated: 13 July 2017

An accurate, easy-to-use handheld luggage scale can help you avoid unnecessary check-in charges and keep your carry-on bags well within airline limits. We lab test and review the latest models to help you find the best luggage scale for you. Did you know CHOICE test much more than just travel products? Check out our top 50 reviews.

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CHOICE tested seven digital luggage scales and two mechanical luggage scales ranging from $10 to $50 to assess:

  • How accurate the scales are at assessing a range of calibrated weights ranging from 4.7kg to 25.68kg.
  • How comfortable the scale is to grip, particularly if weighing heavy loads which could dig into your fingers or hands.
  • Ease of reading the weight. Can you see the screen clearly? Do you need to keep holding the luggage in order to read the weight properly, or does it let you put the luggage down and then read the weight?
  • Ease of attaching a load. Scales come in different designs, and so do luggage handles. We look for ones which are versatile yet straightforward to use.

See our video on how we test carry on luggage and read the review of 15 cabin-sized suitcases in the CHOICE labs, including models from Antler, Samsonite, Crumpler and more.

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