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    Ageing well

    Health, diet, money, travel and more: tips for living your best life in later years.

Eating well

There's no magic bullet for a long and healthy life, but a good diet is a strong foundation.

Medicines and supplements

  • The best time to get a flu shot

    Enhanced vaccines for better protection are available for people 65 and over.
  • Incontinence product reviews

    We test all the continence products we could find on the market, including pads and underwear.
  • Osteoarthritis

    How to protect your joints and minimise painful symptoms.
  • Probiotics

    The effects of probiotics are modest at best, even when clinically proven.
  • Creatine

    There's evidence creatine could help maintain or build muscle in older adults.
  • Discount drugs

    Is it cheaper to buy medicine at the supermarket or at your pharmacy?
  • Protein powders

    We weigh up the pros and cons of boosting your protein intake with supplements.

Take action

  • Take action on added sugar

    Right now it's nearly impossible to work out how much added sugar is in everyday food and drinks. But Health Ministers have agreed that this is an issue, and early this year they'll be meeting to decide on a way forward.

    Can you help send a strong and powerful message to our politicians by posting them a letter?

    Handwritten letters that show support for improved sugar labelling can get this issue over the line.

    I'll get involved

Health cover

Money traps?

It's not easy managing your finances and preparing for the future, but here are some products you might want to think twice about.

Living options

When it's time to make the move, what are your options?

Funerals investigation

Fix the banks

  • Tell politicians to fix the banks for good

    Poor financial advice, negligent lending, dishonest insurance practices… A royal commission has shown us the usual suspects are at it again – and they're not playing by the rules.

    It's time the banks put our interests first, not their own. Sign the petition to add your voice to the thousands of people fighting to keep the banks accountable.

    Help fix the banks

Grey nomads

Hitting the road? Our reviews will help you get the gear you need.

Overseas travel

Travel insurance

  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance

    If you take more than one overseas trip in a year, you might benefit from year-long multi-trip travel insurance. We've independently reviewed 70 insurance policies to help you find the best one.
    Compare cover