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Oats Express Banana Honey

For forgetting the honey.

oats express
CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff


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If you look at the front of the Oats Express liquid breakfast pack, you could be forgiven for thinking you're getting a drink of milk blended with oats, banana and honey. 

After all, it's right there in the picture – a glass of milk, rolled oats, sliced banana and a honey dipper.

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And in the blurb we're told about "a blend of milk, oat fibre and real banana". 

OK, so oat fibre as opposed to oats, and the honey's dropped off – and to be fair, the honey dipper on the pack looks suspiciously devoid of honey. 

But as we delve further into the fine print, we find "banana extract" and "natural flavours" – which is presumably where the honey fits in.

We would argue that the name Oats Express, along with the picture of whole rolled oats, suggests it contains whole rolled oats, not just oat fibre.

While it lives up to its claim of "the same amount of fibre, protein and calcium as a bowl of oats and low fat milk" – albeit a rather small serve of oats – it doesn't quite live up to its name and image.

Oats Express or Oaty Shonkesse? 

You decide.