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George Foreman Easy To Clean Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Grill - GGR300AU review

Electric fuel. Priced at $160.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating?

CHOICE Expert Rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Category View more details.

Suitability based on size and features. Balcony/portable barbecues are small to medium size with 2-3 burners, travel barbecues have a collapsible trolley with wheels or are compact making them perfect to take away with you. Backyard barbecues are large with four or more burners, suitable if you entertain often.

Balcony / portable
Fuel type View more details.

Gas, charcoal or electric? Gas (natural gas or LPG) is the most common fuel in Australia, with its instant heat source and adjustable temperatures making barbecuing simple. There are also charcoal barbecues and pellet smokers, which use special hardwood pellets as fuel and infuse your food with a smoky flavour.

Gas type View more details.

Whether the barbecue uses natural gas, LPG or propane.

Recommended View more details.

We recommend barbecues with an overall score of 80% and above (or 70% and above for electric). We only recommend currently available models.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is made up of cooking performance (60%) and ease of use (40%).

Cooking performance score View more details.

We test for evenness of temperature (cooking steak), evenness cooking with high fat (sausages), low temperature cooking (marinated chicken wings) and roasting a chicken. All scores are weighted equally.

Ease of use score View more details.

This score is made up of cooking (40%), mobility (20%), using the controls (20%) and cleaning (20%).

Evenness score View more details.

We cover the hotplate and grill with steak to see if any areas aren't heated enough, or get too hot and burn the meat.

Evenness with high fat cooking score View more details.

We cover the hotplate and grill with sausages to see if areas are prone to flare-ups from burning fat, which could lead to burnt food.

Evenness with pita bread score View more details.

This is a new test and doesn't yet form part of the CHOICE Expert Rating. We preheat the barbecue on high for 10 minutes with the hood closed, before filling the entire cooking surface with pita bread that's been carefully cut to size for each model. We cook the pita bread for up to two minutes before assessing evenness. This test purely assesses evenness.

Low temperature score View more details.

Where possible, we cook marinated chicken wings on the hotplate to see how the barbecue handles delicate, lower temperature cooking.

Roasting score View more details.

We test at moderate temperatures over a long period by roasting a chicken on a baking tray in the centre of the plates with the outside burners on medium heat. The hood is down and the chicken is turned once.

Cleaning score View more details.

We assess how easy the barbecue is to clean.

External temperatures after 60min (controls / handle / hood / side tables)
Gas consumption (kg/hr) View more details.

Measured with all burners on high.

Tester's notes View more details.

Notable comments, if any.

Reliability score View more details.

This score is taken from our latest brand reliability survey, with scores referring to the brand, not a particular model. NA or Not available means there weren't enough responses for that brand to get a score. This score does not add to the overall score. 

Satisfaction score View more details.

This score is taken from our latest brand reliability survey. When rating satisfaction, we ask owners to tell us what they think of the products they own. We use this information to give each brand an owner satisfaction rating so you can see what people who use the brand each day think of them. NA or Not available means there weren't enough responses for that brand to get a score.

Warranty View more details.

The manufacturer's stated warranty.

1 year
Availability View more details.

'Tested' models should still be available for sale. 'Discontinued' models may still be available in second-hand stores.

Discontinued model
Price View more details.

Recommended retail or typical price.

Running costs over 5 years View more details.

We calculate running costs based on using the barbecue three times a week for 30 minutes over six months of the year, at an average cost of $4.12/kg of LPG gas (or 40c/kWh for electric models).

Number of burners View more details.

The more burners, the bigger the cooking capacity. Not all models we've tested have burners.

Hotplate grill material
Non-stick coated hotplate
Flame diffuser material
Burner material
Ignition type
Dimensions (cm, H x W x D) View more details.

Measured with the hood and side trays closed (if applicable) and includes knobs, wheels and handles.

96 x 57 x 53
Weight (kg) View more details.

The entire assembly, including the trolley if supplied but not the gas bottle. Given only for small/portable BBQs.

Total cooking area (m2) View more details.

In square metres.

Warming rack
Reversible cooking plate
Side burner View more details.

Side burners increase the cooking capacity.

Back burner for rotisserie
Viewing window
Side tray / folding
No / No
Storage cupboard
Natural gas option View more details.

These BBQs use natural gas, which is essentially the gas supplied by your local utility company. There may be a slightly different model name to look out for if you want this option.

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