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Bissell Featherweight 2024F (corded model) review

Priced at $99.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Recommended View more details.

We recommend currently available stick vacs that score at least 80% overall, so long as they also score at least 70% for hard floors.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is made up of hard floor dirt pick-up (30%), ease of use (30%), pet hair removal (15%), thorough carpet clean (10%) and quick carpet clean (15%).

Pick-up dirt from hard floor score View more details.

We test how effectively the stick vac picks up a variety of materials (cornflakes, potting mix and flour) from hard floor.

Ease of use score View more details.

We measure how easy it is to manoeuvre the cleaner; empty and clean the dirt receptacle; operate the controls; and use and store the supplied accessories.

Cleaning corners and edges View more details.

Sand is spread into a right-angled corner and vacuumed to see how far into the corner each cleaner is able to pick up dirt, using the standard cleaning head.

Pet hair removal score View more details.

To test pet hair removal, we embed cat hair in the carpet and, as with the dirt pick-up test, vacuum it to a set pattern and speed. We rate the results based on how much cat hair is left behind after the test. Where supplied, the turbo brush or power head is used for this test; otherwise, we use the standard cleaning head. Pet hair for testing supplied by Woof Cat & Dog Grooming, Bondi, NSW.

Thorough carpet clean score View more details.

We embed sand evenly into a section of carpet, then vacuum. The sand is weighed and recorded, which is done twice for each model with the results averaged. A thorough test is 10 passes.

Quick clean score View more details.

We embed sand evenly into a section of carpet, then vacuum. The sand is weighed and recorded, which is done twice for each model with the results averaged. A quick test is 4 passes.

Car cleaning score View more details.

For those models that separate from the stick into a handheld vacuum, we disperse pebbles and sand throughout the front and rear floor of a car and evaluate how well they pick up these materials. This is not counted towards the final score, as not all vacs are 2-in-1 products.

Noise (dBA) View more details.

Noise is measured at the user's position at maximum power setting. Some models emit a high-pitched whistle that can be irritating, even though they may not be louder than others.

Running time (min) View more details.

Measured with brush head on and full power.

Availability View more details.

'Tested model' refers to vacuums that are currently available in shops and online. 'Discontinued model' refers to vacuums that are no longer available in shops. 'Similar model' has core functionality to the one we tested but may have different accessories or colours unrelated to our score.

Tested model
Price View more details.

Price paid at time of testing.

Speed settings
Claimed charging time (hr) View more details.

How long the battery will typically take to charge.

Not applicable
Battery voltage (V)
Not applicable
Battery type
Corded model
Measured dust collector (L) View more details.

The capacity of the dust collector, measured in litres.

Weight (kg) View more details.

A lightweight stick vacuum is easy to move around.

Country of origin View more details.

The model has a claimed origin somewhere on the model itself. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as it's rare that all the materials for a product come from the one country.

Warranty (years)
Items supplied with vac
Vacuum cleaner, head, crevice tool, and extend pole.
Swappable battery View more details.

Cordless stick vacs have rechargeable batteries – some are easily removable so you can swap them over with a fully-charged one to extend cleaning time without using a tool. Not all come with an additional battery.

Hard floor head
Crevice tool
Upholstery tool
Dusting brush
Accessory storage
Handheld as well
Telescopic wand View more details.

This lets you adjust the wand to suit your height, so you can vacuum without bending your back too much.

HEPA filter View more details.

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Vacuums equipped with HEPA filtration trap the dirt you can't see, rather than sending allergens back into the air.


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