Bosch Ciso cordless secateurs review

Do these powered secateurs really make pruning an effortless task?

Helping your hands

Do you have a large garden that needs a lot of pruning? Or perhaps your hands and wrists are weak or arthritic, so it's hard to use tools?  These powered secateurs might just be the solution.

A good pair of secateurs is an essential garden tool if you have any pruning to do. The Bosch Ciso cordless secateurs claim to make that job effortless, with powered blades that can make one cut per second, and 500 cuts or more from a single charge of the integrated lithium-ion battery (depending on the thickness of the branches).


These secateurs cut hardwood branches up to 9mm thick and softwood branches up to 1.4cm. Just release the safety catch, then squeeze the trigger to make a cut.

We had seven home gardeners (four men and three women) put them to the test. They checked cutting performance on hardwood and softwood and rated their balance, manoeuvrability and comfort.

The secateurs generally produced perfectly clean cuts on softwood and acceptable to perfectly clean results on hardwood.

Ease of use

Comfort and balance were acceptable but a couple of people found them tricky to manoeuvre into the right position for some cuts.

The reach to the trigger was a bit too far for people with small hands and the cutting action was slower than expected. At 590g, the secateurs are heavier than conventional secateurs, which usually weigh under 300g.

These secateurs may be useful for people with weak hands, so we also had them assessed by two people with arthritis. Unfortunately they found the secateurs too heavy to hold and operate. They couldn't stretch their hand across to the trigger and hold the secateurs at the same time.

Choice verdict

The Bosch Ciso cordless secateurs produce a great cut on roses and could be useful for a gardener who does a lot of pruning. But you can buy a good quality conventional pair for less (though some premium secateurs can cost more). While the Ciso might be just the ticket if you have weak hands, check its weight and grip before buying to make sure it suits you.



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