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Best Gold health insurance policies

We review Gold hospital insurance policies to find you the best.

gold tier hospital insurance
Last updated: 25 June 2019

Our insurance experts have reviewed Gold hospital insurance policies from 22 health funds to find the best ones.

What's Gold health insurance?

Gold health insurance is the highest level of private hospital cover available in Australia. Consider a gold policy if you need cover for things such as pregnancy and birth, cataract eye surgery and hip or knee replacement.

If you want health insurance that gives peace of mind for a hospital visit, a Gold policy is for you. But if you want cheaper health insurance, try Silver, Bronze or Basic policies.

What's covered by Gold hospital insurance?

How much is Gold health insurance?

Should you consider Silver Plus health insurance?

The best Gold health insurance policies

We select the best gold health insurance policies based on price, out-of-pocket costs, and claims performance.

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