Best top hospital cover 2017

Value-for-money comprehensive hospital policies from 23 open health funds.

Cover for peace of mind

This year's 4.8% increase in health insurance premiums may be the lowest rise in a decade, but it's still more than three times the inflation rate, pricing many Australians out of quality health cover. So, as we always say, it pays to give your health insurance a regular check-up.

Our health insurance comparison will ask you a range of questions to find you the best policy match for your needs, but if you already know you want top hospital cover, we've done the comparison for you and found you the best-value top hospital policies.

We've selected the best policies in two levels of top cover:

  • Top cover with an excess
  • Top cover with $0 excess

Should I pay an excess?

Both types of policies we've reviewed are premium cover options – which one is best for you depends on how soon you think you'll make use of your hospital cover:

  • Top cover with an excess is the best-value option for top cover, and covers nearly all the conditions in a private hospital that Medicare covers in a public hospital. It suits you if you want the peace of mind of top cover but you're unlikely to go to hospital in the near future. You'll get a large discount on the premium, in exchange for paying an annual excess if you go to hospital of up to $1000 (families and couples) or up to $500 (singles).
  • Top cover with nil excess covers all the conditions in a private hospital that Medicare covers in a public hospital. It suits you if you'll need to go to hospital in the near future, for example if you have a health condition or you're planning a family.

Also, we selected policies with no co-payments and a good track record of gap charges protection (out-of-pocket expenses that arise if your doctor charges more than the Medicare schedule fee). 

Read on to find which policies we recommend for people wanting top hospital cover with $1000 excess and with nil excess.

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