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LED light bulb reviews

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Last updated: 17 October 2019


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We review 14 LED light bulbs (or lamps, as they're technically called) of the type used in most household light fittings. This test includes light bulbs with wattages from 8.6W (watts) to 14.2W and light output from 600lm (lumens) to 1055lm.

Note that this review dates from 2017. We no longer test LED light bulbs, as their prices have come down significantly in recent years and our testing showed that their performance claims are generally reliable.

These light bulbs were on test for nearly 14,000 hours. Most are now superseded by newer versions. Their performance is a guide for what you can expect from similar new models from the same brands.

You can also see our free articles giving an overview of what our long-term testing has found about LED light bulbs (are those long lifespan claims realistic?), our light bulbs buying guide and for the technically-minded, how we test light bulbs.

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This batch of lights was tested for 13,800 hours – the equivalent of seven and a half years of use, assuming five hours' use per day.

In this review we'll tell you:

  • what to buy
  • which models met their claimed light output
  • which models were still going strong after 13,800 hours.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you see at a glance good and bad points for each light bulb, along with features such as whether they're dimmable and their shape and size.

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        • Overall score
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        • Initial luminosity score
        • 13800 hr luminosity score
        • Failure score
        • Failures up to 13800 hrs
        • Measured light output after 100 hrs (lm)
        • Measured light output after 13800 hrs (lm)
        • Efficiency at 13800 hrs (lm/W)
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Price
        • Brand
        • Model
        • Wattage (W)
        • Claimed light output (lm)
        • Light output level
        • Colour temperature description
        • Colour temperature (K)
        • Claimed colour rendering index (CRI)
        • Claimed life expectancy (hrs)
        • Length (mm)
        • Width (mm)
        • Dimmable
        • Shape
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