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Cordless drill reviews

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Last updated: 25 November 2016


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A cordless drill is a must for any DIYer or tradie. But how do you know which ones can really perform? We put them to the test, drilling hundred of screws and holes in soft and hard timber, to find the ones that have the best drilling performance, torque and battery life. Here's how we test, and see our buying guide for tips on what to look for when buying a cordless drill.

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Our expert review will help you find the drills that:

  • have the best drilling and screw-driving performance
  • have batteries that last longer
  • are easy and comfortable to use and have the features to suit your needs.

Our Recommended list makes it easy to see at a glance which products our experts think are the best of the bunch.

This review includes some models now discontinued; select the filter under Related products to see those models. Note that the Bosch PSR 18 LI-2 and Dewalt DCD771C2-XE are from our 2014 test; they're still available, but battery performance has generally improved since then so their scores aren't directly comparable to other current models.

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