Problems with replacement Samsung washing machines

Consumers report incidents with Samsung washing machines that replaced recalled top loaders.

Replacement machines in the spotlight

Two of the Samsung washing machines models that were given as replacements for faulty recalled machines have reportedly also had faults.

CHOICE is aware of at least four incidents with the models, which are not on the recall list, where the machines let off smoke and a burning plastic smell, resulting in the top plastic rim of the machine being melted.

The machines are Samsung's 8kg top loader machine (model number WA80F5G4DJW) and the 8.5kg top loader model (WA85J6750SW).

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Smoke and electrical smell

Jodi Snashall bought one of the 8kg top loader machines and within the first month found that the top rim melted while washing her son's bedding on the "bedding" cycle. The washing machine's manual says the bedding cycle is for "bulky items such as blankets and sheets".

Ms Snashall told CHOICE there was smoke and an electrical smell. "It sounded like it was going to blow up," she says.

Her machine was replaced by Harvey Norman, but the same problem happened with the replacement machine. Ms Snashall contacted Samsung in August this year to let them know but she says they were not interested.

Another affected customer who was given the 8kg machine as a replacement for her recalled machine posted on Facebook saying the machine "suddenly started spinning out of control before a burning smell and smoke". She said there was "hot melted plastic all the way around where the drum has obviously come in contact with the plastic".

According to Samsung, the 8kg top loader was first released in June 2013, several months after its recall of 144,000 faulty machines in April of the same year. 

Samsung responds

When CHOICE asked Samsung about the incidents, the manufacturer responded with a statement saying: "Samsung Electronics Australia is investigating these instances as a matter of urgency in order to determine the nature of the problem. As with any issue that may impact our customers, we are taking this very seriously. We are in contact with the customers who have experienced this problem to provide a resolution."

Anyone having troubles with their replacement Samsung machine should contact Fair Trading as well as Samsung to let them know. 

TV ad

Earlier this year, CHOICE made this ad to raise awareness about Samsung's recalled washing machines. 

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