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Wine fridge reviews

Last tested: 08 July 2014

The Aussie summer's great for barbecues and beach trips, but not so great for storing valuable plonk. Not everyone has a handy cellar to hide wine cargo until the perfect time arrives to open that treasured bottle of Grange. That's where a wine fridge comes in. 

Not sure what type you need? Use our wine fridge buying guide to find out.

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In our testing labs, we give every fridge a thorough workout to help find the models that:

  • are best at keeping optimum temperature
  • have the best range of temperatures
  • have a good range of shelves and compartments
  • are the most energy-efficient
  • cause the least vibration to keep your wine in good condition

Want CHOICE's advice on what to look for when you're shopping for a wine fridge, or how to get the best out of the one you have? Try our buying guide and expert tips. And see how we test fridges for the details on why you can rely on our advice.

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Although champagne is not generally for keeping over a long period, most wine fridges can get them to serving temperature. This feature means that the shelving can fit champagne bottles on some shelves.


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Most wine fridge doors are made of glass, however some have solid doors to keep out UV light that may degrade the wine.

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