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How to buy the best sandwich press

Who doesn't love a toastie? Here's our guide to cost, key features and tasty tips. 

toasted cheese sandwich
Last updated: 17 August 2018

A sandwich press can save you money by squeezing new life into last night's leftovers, and it's one of the fastest ways to get an easy, hot meal on the table that everyone is going to eat.

But do you want a flat press or one of those fancier jaffle makers? And are the ones that lock in place any better than the other kind? There are far too many choices out there, so we help you sort the wheat from the chaff to get the right toastie for your tastebuds, first time.


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In our latest sandwich press review, presses range from $19 to $100.


Sandwich presses come in two sizes, to fit two or four slices of bread. Larger models can often handle a wider variety of breads (think paninis or focaccia) and aren't much more expensive.

Key features to look for

Top plate

If you can lock it in place at varying heights, you can use the press for open melts. It's also easier to use if you don't have to keep holding it up while filling and removing snacks.

Cord storage

Storage underneath the bottom plate helps keep the benchtop tidy and the cord away from little hands.

Storage latch

This locks the top and bottom together for easy carrying and vertical storage.

Indicator lights

A sandwich press should have 'power on' and 'ready' indicator lights, and it helps if they're labelled in case it's a long time between uses.


Most sandwich presses have a polished stainless steel finish, which is easier to keep shiny than a brushed surface, but if you can find one with a glass top or painted surface, they are the easiest to keep clean.