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Australia's most reliable oven brands

The oven brands that best hold up over time, as chosen by CHOICE members.

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Last updated: 19 August 2021


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The annual CHOICE reliability survey asks thousands of members about the types of ovens they own, what they think of them, and how they've held up over time. More than 7100 members and campaign supporters participated in our 2021 reliability survey. The information they provided gives us a really good indication of how various oven brands perform over time – something we can't test in our labs.

Use this article to find the most reliable oven brands from our latest survey.

About the scores


Reliability figures are based on owner assessment, not test data. We use the data we collect from thousands of members to rate the most popular brands for reliability. We take into account the age of the products so we can compare fairly between brands.

Owner satisfaction

We asked owners to tell us what they thought of the products they own, rating them from excellent to terrible. We've used this information to give each brand an owner satisfaction rating so you can see what people who use the brand each day think of them.

Brand reliability results are for CHOICE members only.

Our guide to buying the best oven is free and has lots of great information and advice.

Our brand reliability scores helps guide you when choosing a product – with the knowledge that the brand is well regarded by CHOICE members for customer satisfaction and reliability.

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The top performers

Most reliable brands

Neff, Miele, Bosch

Highest owner satisfaction

Miele, Neff

What we found

  • For reliability and satisfaction we look at an eight-year purchase period, 2013–2020. Neff, Miele and Bosch are all ahead of the other brands for reliability, with Miele and Neff having the highest satisfaction scores.
  • Neff owners like the slide away door feature, as well as various cooking options like bread proving. The consistent cooking performance is also a bonus.
  • Miele owners like that their oven is quick to heat up. While many also liked the self-cleaning function, a few felt it didn't work as well as expected.
  • The most popular brand of oven over the eight-year purchase period was Westinghouse, followed by Bosch, Miele, Smeg, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Chef and Neff.
  • Toaster and benchtop ovens are the most reliable types of ovens. Freestanding ovens are the least reliable type and have lower owner satisfaction scores than double ovens and single or wall ovens. Gas ovens are also less reliable than electric and electric/gas ovens.

Main problems

In the last eight years, 65% of people didn't run into any problems with their ovens. For those that did experience issues, the most common problems were related to:

  • temperature/heating (8%)
  • inconsistent cooking/browning or burnt food (6%)
  • the controls/knobs (5%).
Ovens brand performance
Brand Reliability score* Satisfaction score
Neff (87) 91% 92%
Miele (211) 90% 90%
Bosch (287) 89% 87%
AEG (87) 84% 85%
Smeg (182) 84% 77%
Fisher & Paykel (161) 82% 83%
Westinghouse (558) 82% 81%
Belling (58) 77% 81%
Chef (79) 76% 72%
Electrolux (168) 74% 82%
Number in brackets shows the sample size. * Differences of 8% or more are significant.

How we get the data

We calculate a brand's reliability score and owner rating based on our survey of 7100 CHOICE members and campaign supporters. In our latest survey conducted in April and May 2021, 69% of people said they had bought an oven brand new. Our data is based on responses from 2476 people during the eight-year purchase period.

Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.