Australia's best fridge brand

We've calculated Australia's top refrigerator brand for performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.

What brand of fridge is best?

CHOICE Best Brand

Which brand of fridge should you buy? We've identified the best of the bunch based on our test results and feedback from our members on satisfaction and reliability.

Fridges take pride of place in the kitchen – less of a grudge purchase and more of a statement of what's important for you. Over hundreds of fridge tests, we've found which ones give consistently good results – and which ones are a bit hit and miss.

We have test results for popular fridge brands including Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, LG, Samsung and Sharp. Find the best model for you in our latest fridge reviews.

Many of us associate an overall brand name with the performance and quality of each individual product, but brand perception can change over time. The brands your parents trusted wouldn't necessarily be the same ones you could trust today.

CHOICE has tested around 150 fridge models over the past five years in our labs, covering much of the $1 billion annual market in Australia. We see great fridges, as well as some that we wouldn't recommend. Occasionally you might need to know about a fridge model that we haven't tested.

To this end, CHOICE has created Best Brand to help guide you when choosing a product – with the knowledge that not only has the brand performed well overall in our lab testing throughout the year, but it's also well regarded by CHOICE members for customer satisfaction and reliability.

How was the Best Brand calculated?

The Best Brand Fridge is based on our test results for fridges over the past five years, as well as customer satisfaction and reliability information submitted by CHOICE members on their experience with the brand.

So which fridge brand is currently making great products, but also doing the right thing by their customers if something goes wrong?

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How we get the data

We calculate a brand's reliability score and owner rating based on survey results from over 8000 CHOICE members in 2017.

Brand recommendation

Brand recommendation calculations - how we weight the scores

  • Average test score – 40%
  • Brand reliability – 30%
  • Customer satisfaction – 20%
  • Recommended ratio – 10%

About the scores

Average test score

Measures the average score for all models tested in the CHOICE labs for each brand. We assess temperature fluctuations – the amount the temperatures swing as the compressor stops and starts – since an even temperature is an important factor in maintaining food quality. We also check that there's an appropriate range of temperatures in the fresh food and freezer compartments at the same time, and check how uniform the temperature is throughout each compartment. We measure the effect on the fridge and freezer temperatures when the external temperature changes (ambient change), such as from summer to winter. And because many readers tell us they've only changed their fridge controls once – to the recommended setting – we assess the temperatures on this setting. If no recommendation is given, we assess the factory, or mid, setting.

Brand reliability

Our CHOICE customer insights team grilled several thousand members in the annual CHOICE survey about whether they've run into any problems with their fridge in the last 12 months.

Customer satisfaction

Our survey also asks how satisfied members are with their fridge. So even if a fridge has a fault after six months, it' still possible for it to have a high satisfaction score – perhaps the company has customer service that goes beyond expectations, or the product is simply too good, despite some performance quirks.

Recommended ratio

Calculates the percentage of the fridges that CHOICE recommends for each brand. The greater number of models that earn a recommendation, the higher the recommended ratio score.

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