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How we test cling wrap

The testing that helps you find the best cling wrap.

stretching out cling wrap

Cling wrap should seal tightly onto various cookware materials to store and keep food fresh. It should also be easy to use and withstand heat without breaking apart when reheating food in the microwave. 

We've tested more than 20 cling wraps you're likely to find in major supermarkets as well as some 'green' products available online. Here's how we put them to the test.

Our expert testers

There's no doubt our home economist Fiona Mair knows her way around a kitchen. With over 30 years' experience she's seen lots of new technology enter the kitchen space, testing ovens, microwaves, cooktops, air fryers and all the rest. She knows what to look for and importantly, what makes products easy to use. Fiona knows how to put appliances through their paces in the test kitchen and is now applying that knowledge to this test of cling wrap.

How we choose what we test

With a range of cling wrap products on the market, we aim to test what you're likely to see on store shelves. We buy what's available in the major supermarkets, covering leading brands like Glad and Multix as well as supermarket generic brands like Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. We also include some products available online with 'environmentally friendly' claims.

How we test


Adherence test

Fiona tests how well each cling wrap adheres and then reseals to different cookware materials – a pyrex bowl, a porcelain ceramic dish, a plastic bowl and an aluminium bowl.

Microwave reheat

She also conducts a microwave reheating test to see if the cling film can withstand heat and any contact with fatty, hot food without shrinking or breaking.

Ease of use

Fiona assesses ease of use by checking how easy it is to open the packaging and dispense the cling wrap. She also checks how neat the cut is and the positioning of the serrated edge.

Environmental claims

We don't score any environmental claims as we're not able to test these claims in the lab. But we do note any biodegradable or compostable claims made by manufacturers to help you make your own decision.

Testing criteria explained

The overall score is made up of:

  • Performance (70%)
  • Ease of use (30%)

Our test lab

We maintain a lab that is up to date with the latest reference machines and calibrated measurement tools for our testers to bring you the right results.

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