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Shonky Awards 2015

We've just presented our 10th annual awards. Check the Shonkys microsite to see who's been named and shamed!

Dishwasher detergent reviews

We test over 40 dishwashing detergents in the CHOICE labs, including tablets, powders and gels from Finish, Morning Fresh, Aldi and more.

Last updated: 1st September 2014

Even the worst dishwasher performs better with a good dishwasher detergent. But a cheap price doesn't always mean a bad quality detergent, nor does a high price mean you're buying the best.

We review dishwasher detergents of all types, including tablets, powders and gels, to determine which products:

  • perform best
  • are the best value for money (based on cost per wash)
  • are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

This report is open to CHOICE members and people with basic access. 

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Our test report compares products across these 26 criteria.

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