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How does Telstra stack up as a mobile phone and NBN provider?

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Telstra is Australia's biggest mobile and internet plan provider, but how do they compare to the rest? We compare the top providers on how fast their NBN speeds are, and how satisfied their customers are.
Best NBN provider in Australia Jan–Jun 2018
Brand Overall Speed score
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Satisfaction Plans
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Speed scores are based on a six-month average, where available, of NBN provider speed scores on our broadband performance measuring program between January and June 2018. Satisfaction scores are based on our 2017 ISP satisfaction survey.

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How fast are Telstra NBN plans?

Telstra consistently scores well in our broadband provider measuring program across all NBN plan speeds and technologies. We record and update these statistics monthly, though we also calculated the average speeds each provider got between January and June this year, available in the table above.

This means both the download and upload speeds its customers get are often among the best for their NBN speed tier and NBN connection technology.

The amount of capacity your internet service provider (ISP) buys on the NBN network can greatly affect the speed of your internet. Not all ISPs provision the same amount per customer they have, so speeds can vary between them, even in the same suburb and on the same NBN technology.

For our most monthly recent scores, visit our performance measuring program.

How do Telstra mobile plans compare?

In 2017 we collected data on mobile phone service providers, both for plans including a phone and for SIM-only (if you already have a phone).

You can see who the best provider for mobile plans with a phone here.

And the best SIM-only plan provider here.

Are Telstra internet customers happy?

Our 2017 ISP satisfaction survey asked close to 2000 CHOICE members what they thought of their provider – 715 of whom were Telstra subscribers. In total, we collected enough data to publish on seven ISPs: Telstra, Optus, iiNet, TPG, Internode, iPrimus and Dodo.

Respondents gave their thoughts on connection reliability, speed, value for money, technical support, customer support, bill clarity and how easy it was to set up a new plan.

Telstra scored second lowest in satisfaction overall, with Dodo coming in last. Telstra scored 70 and Dodo 69; the average was 73.

Telstra’s strengths were connection reliability, internet speed, bill clarity and ease of set up. Even so, these scores were all below average or equal to the average.

Low-points were value for money, technical support, and customer support, all of which were below average.

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