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Drone reviews

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Last updated: 19 November 2019


Checked for accuracy by our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers. Find out more about fact-checking at CHOICE.

We lab test and review a selection of drones to help you find the best model for you. Our drone buying guide will help you decide which type you need, and how we test explains our testing rigour. Plus, our article on drones and Australian law will help you make sure you and your new toy aren't breaking any aviation rules.

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Our expert testers give every drone a thorough workout to help find the models that are best for:

  • flight performance, including how fast and responsive a drone is to fly
  • ease of use, including the assembly and set-up and how easy it is to fly
  • flight control systems, including the control system and any sensor, camera or GPS controls in addition to the basic gyro level stabilisation 
  • camera control and performance, including quality of footage and ease of recording with onboard cameras (if applicable).

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out which brands are fastest and have the longest control range. Our Recommended list will help you see quickly which models come out on top.

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    Advanced drones: require practice to fly, and will typically have greater speed and range. Recreational drones: designed for quick set-up and simple flight, with less power than higher end models. Toy drones: enjoyment comes from flying the drone rather than capturing good quality photos/video. As such, camera is generally low-quality or not included. Tend to be aimed at beginners and casual users, with cheaper components, slower speeds and short battery life. 

      Flight performance score

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      Performance assesses: initial lift-off, hover (stability), landing (stability/easiness), ability to cope with wind, slow figures of eight and return to base (operator ordering return manually).

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      • Battery charge time
      • Battery score
      • Build quality score
      • Camera performance score
      • Ease of use score
      • Flight control score
      • Flight performance score
      • Good points
      • Other flight and video modes
      • Overall score
      • Portability score
      • Recommended
      • Safety score
      • Tested flight time
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Type
      • Availability
      • Android
      • App account required
      • Auto hover
      • Auto land
      • Auto return to base
      • Automatic camera orientation
      • Battery type
      • Battery weight g
      • Capacity
      • Claimed flight time
      • Claimed maximum horizontal speed km
      • Claimed maximum vertical speed km
      • Comes with camera
      • Control range claim horizontal
      • Custom routes
      • Emergency override control
      • Flight and safety tutorials
      • Follow feature
      • Geofencing
      • GPS
      • Hover when controls are released
      • iOS
      • Live view
      • Loss of control signal
      • Maximum frame rate
      • Maximum image resolution mp
      • Maximum video resolution
      • Move relative to user
      • Obstacle avoidance
      • Orbit mode
      • Price
      • Zipline mode
      • Primary controls physical or app
      • Propeller guards
      • Selfie mode
      • Shoots RAW
      • Spare battery
      • Spare parts supplied
      • Stream to internet
      • Supplied replacement parts
      • Swappable camera
      • Viewing device


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