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Dynabook Tecra A50-K review

This 15.6-inch all-rounder laptop offers plenty of options in a strong package for both home and business.

Last updated: 23 November 2022

CHOICE verdict

Dynabook's Tecra A50-K gets down to business with a robust and practical design that gives you the latest hardware options, good performance, versatility and upgradability for long-term use. There's a lot to like about this 15.6-inch laptop, which would make a good desktop replacement. It's a solid offering overall, with plenty of options for plugging things in, and plenty of grunt to run serious apps, along with the sort you use every day.

Price: $1942

Latest specs all round

We tried out the Tecra A50-K courtesy of Dynabook and found it to be a good performer for both CPU and graphics performance, in addition to having very good storage and Wi-Fi performance. Our test model came with a 12th-generation 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-1240P CPU which has 12 cores (four performance cores and eight efficiency cores), and graphics via Intel Iris Xe.

Our test model included 16GB RAM and 512GB storage, which are the numbers to look for in a serious laptop. The Tecra A50-K also has the latest networking options, with Bluetooth 5.3 and Intel Wi-Fi 6E.

And if you're a fan of Windows 10 you'll be happy to know that while you get the latest Windows 11 with the Tecra A50-K, you can stick with Windows 10 Pro if you prefer (via Windows 11 downgrade rights).

Left side ports Dynabook Tecra A50-K

On the left side, ports include power (DC plug), two USB-C Thunderbolt 4, a full-sized HDMI, USB-A (3.2) and a headset port.

Right side ports Dynabook Tecra A50-K

On the right side you have a microSD card slot,  USB 3.2 (Type-A), gigabit Ethernet and a security-cable lock slot.

Desktop replacement

You could easily use the Tecra A50-K as your main computer. Its backlit keyboard (with full numeric keypad) is comfortable, the 15.6-inch matte Full HD touchscreen has good viewing angles and minimal reflections, and folds back flat. 

Plus, it's easy to expand it to a full desktop system with the addition of external screens and peripheral devices. There are plenty of ports, including two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a full-sized HDMI port and a microSD card slot.

The Tecra A50-K is a versatile package that could easily be a replacement for a desktop PC

The Thunderbolt 4 ports are versatile high-speed USB Type-C connections that can be used to expand your system via a docking station to give you a desktop setup at home or at work. You can also just use the HDMI for an external display. 

The built-in ethernet and USB-A ports for connecting older peripheral devices are old-school options often left off modern laptops. It's good to have this kind of versatility in what is very much a work laptop (it even has a numeric keypad with a conventional layout alongside the keyboard).

Keyboard Dynabook Tecra A50-K

The power button is separate from the keyboard and there's a full-size numeric keypad.

Upgradeable design

Build quality is sturdy, with an especially strong lid and a keyboard tray that doesn't bounce when you type. We found the touchpad gave off a slight rattle though. The power button is separate from the keyboard, which is a handy feature to help avoid accidental power-downs.

A nice touch for privacy is a webcam cover that slides across the lens of the built-in 1MP camera to block it when not in use, though it's a bit fiddly to operate. It's flat and without a gripping point, so you have to use the fleshy part of your thumb or a fingernail to move it.

Battery, RAM, storage and Wi-Fi modules can all be upgraded down the track

A bonus for serviceability and longevity is being able to remove the Tecra A50-K's bottom panel to access to the battery, RAM, storage (M.2 2280 SSD), and Wi-Fi modules, all of which can be replaced or upgraded down the track. This gives the Tecra A50-K the potential for a much longer working life. You just have to remove the Phillips head screws and pry off the panel with a plastic tool. Check your warranty term and conditions first though.

At 1.7kg, the Tecra A50-K not highly portable, but it can still be transported fairly easily in a backpack or laptop bag, and because you can use USB-C to charge it, you can leave a second charger at the office to lessen the carry weight (though you'll have to buy it separately).

Layflat Dynabook Tecra A50-K

The 15.6-inch matte Full HD touchscreen has good viewing angles and minimal reflections, and folds back flat.

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