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Omnidesk Pro 2020 review

This electric standing desk has programmable heights, customisable designs and optional add-ons.

Last updated: 27 July 2020

CHOICE verdict

Standing desks are all the rage these days, especially if you’re setting up a regular work-from-home area. But spring-loaded desktop add-on units don’t compare to a purpose-built, electrically operated standing desk like the latest Omnidesk Pro 2020, which we found was well-constructed, easy to assemble and a joy to use.

Price: $900 and up

Omnidesk black-OL

The 122cm MDF Omnidesk Pro 2020 in Black.

Build quality

The Omnidesk Pro 2020's tabletops come in two colours of powder-coated medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or real bamboo (our model), and in varying lengths. All are 76cm deep. You can also opt for a rounded cut-out in the middle to get closer.

The MDF tabletops come in 122cm, 152cm and 183cm widths; the bamboo is only available in 152cm and 183cm.

There's a hole at the back to run cables through, which you can cover with a small cut-out, and a panel on the underside hides mechanism wiring.

The metal legs and frame come in white or black and are relatively easy to attach to the tabletop.

Omnidesk bamboo study-edit-OL

If you work from home regularly, finding the right desk can be crucial to your physical comfort.

The instructions that come with the Omnidesk aren't great, and some are seemingly left over from previous models. Thankfully, after you place an order you'll receive an email that includes a YouTube link to a good tutorial – which is still of a previous model, but is close enough to make things easy.

Ours was both sturdy and heavy. Omnidesk doesn't provide the total weight, but we suggest getting someone to help you move the table once you've set it up.

Optional add-ons include swivel arms for monitors, a built-in wireless charging pad, a cable management system, and a motorised powerboard that rises up out of the desktop, among others.

The price is based on the size and type of tabletop you choose, plus any optional add-ons. The starting price for the smallest (122cm) MDF desk is $900. Our 152cm bamboo model with no add-ons retails for $1150, however ours was on sale for $970.

How easy is it to adjust?

The Omnidesk Pro's controller allows for delicate height adjustments between 64cm and 127cm, and four programmable buttons let it memorise specific heights so you can switch between saved settings at a single touch.

Omnidesk control unit OL

The Omnidesk Pro lets you make fine adjustments to its height, until it's just right for you.

The difference between this easy system and a spring-loaded or hand-cranked standing desk is huge. The easier it is to switch between heights, the more likely you’ll spend time standing.

You can also program the maximum and minimum heights, and alter the collision detection weight for safety.

One thing to keep in mind: if you have any wires that need to extend to the ground, such as power or screen cables, make sure they’re long enough to make the trip from sitting to standing position.

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