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Submission to the Improving NSW rental laws consultation

August 2023


People in New South Wales deserve a home which is safe, secure, healthy and affordable. Renters across the state are experiencing acute pressures, which can limit the ability of people to exercise their existing consumer rights.

Choice recommends the New South Wales Government:

  1. prohibit no-grounds evictions for periodic and fixed-term leases.
  2. expand the proposed eviction ground to state a tenancy can be ended if a property "will go through major reconstruction, repair, or renovation that requires it to be vacant, for a significant period of time."
  3. limit the amount and type of information that can be asked of rental applicants, particularly identity documents.
  4. mandate the use of a standard tenancy application which limits the amount of information that can be collected and the kinds of questions that can be asked.
  5. require holders of renters' personal information to keep it securely stored.
  6. require holders of renters' personal information to delete data within a reasonable time-frame.
  7. prohibit real estate agents, RentTech platforms, and landlords from otherwise monetising the personal data of rental applicants or tenants.
  8. prohibit the use of automated decision-making in making suitability assessments for prospective tenants.

Download the report (PDF)

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