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Personal thermometer reviews

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Last updated: 03 September 2020


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We test digital probe and infrared thermometers suitable for babies, children and adults. Our lab staff check their accuracy, repeatability and ease of use. 

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Our test shows which:

  • are easiest to use
  • have the most features
  • are speediest to give a reading
  • give the most accurate reading
  • give consistent results

Our interactive comparison tool helps you select a type of thermometer that's not only accurate but also has the features you want and the right price.

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    Whether the thermometer is a digital probe, forehead, ear or other type of thermometer.

      Performance score

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      An average of the thermometer's accuracy and repeatability scores.

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      Ease of use score

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      Based on our tester's assessment of the on/off/start button(s), the instructions, the display, indicators for starting/completing the reading and changing the battery.

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      Included in this review

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      • Overall score
      • Recommended
      • Claimed accuracy achieved
      • Performance score
      • Ease of use score
      • Good repeatability
      • Ease of instructions
      • Ease of on/off start
      • Measurement location
      • Ease of viewing display
      • Stated temperature it displays
      • Ambient temperature range (°C)
      • Surface temperature range (°C)
      • Time display
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Price
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Availability
      • Type
      • Stated temperature range (°C)
      • Stated accuracy (°C)
      • Recommended interval of repeat measurements
      • Option for either °C or °F
      • Dimensions (LxWxD, mm)
      • Weight (g)
      • Date display
      • Backlit display
      • Number of previous measurements remembered
      • Protective cap or cover
      • Disposable sensor shield
      • Waterproof
      • Auto off (approximate time)
      • Battery
      • Cleaning instructions supplied
      • Other features and inclusions
      • Audible completion signal
      • Fever alert indicator
      • Claimed time to complete a measurement (s)
      • Warranty (years)
      • Origin
      • Contact


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