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Last updated: 11 February 2019

We test digital probe thermometers that are suitable for babies and toddlers (as well as adults!). Our lab staff check their accuracy as well as how easy they are to use. Check our buying guide for advice on the types of thermometer available and the features to look for. And once you've bought a probe thermometer, read our tips on how to best use it.

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Our test shows which:

  • are easiest to use
  • have the most features
  • are speediest to give a reading
  • give the most accurate reading

Our interactive comparison tool helps you select a thermometer that's not only accurate but also has the features you want and the right price.

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Recommended retail, as of October 2013. Prices can vary considerably in stores.

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Audible completion signal

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A tone that lets you know the thermometer has finished measuring the temperature and it's time to read the result.

Fever indication

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An alert (a sound, coloured display or both) that warns when the measured temperature is too far above normal.

Flexible tip

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This makes the thermometer tip more comfortable for your child.


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Protects the thermometer when it's not in use.

Test results

Overall score

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As all the thermometers proved to be accurate, this is based only on ease of use: turning the thermometer on and off, quality of instructions, the display, audible indicator tones and changing the battery.

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  • Fever indication
  • Large display
  • Claimed time to reading (secs)
  • Backlight
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  • Cover
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