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Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot first look

Billed as "the fastest travel cot in the world", we put it through our safety tests.

Last updated: 03 September 2021

CHOICE verdict

The Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot is a lightweight portable cot that's very easy to fold and unfold. But it's let down by its flimsy build and insufficiently firm mattress which is fiddly to install. We've recommended other travel cots that may be bulkier, but pass all our safety tests. They also cost a fraction of the price.

Price: $399

Portable cots are convenient to have if your little one is staying over at a grandparent's house, or for a last-minute weekend away. 

But around two thirds of the portable cots we test in our labs fail key safety requirements. 

Many don't have sufficiently firm mattresses (a suffocation risk), or they may lack an all-round mesh covering to allow for breathability and ventilation.

CHOICE received a few requests to test the Aeromoov Instant Travel cot, which claims to be "the fastest travel cot in the world". It's also one of the lighter models we've tested (5.4kg, compared with 16kg or even more for some models).

In our review, our expert Antonio Bonacruz tested the Aeromoov to Australian safety standards, and also assessed its ease of use (he's had many years of experience seeing all types of travel cots pass through the CHOICE doors).

Setting up the Aeromoov

Is this model really "the fastest travel cot in the world"? Antonio found it very easy to set up the Aeromoov's frame: simply release a velcro strap and gently pop the frame open. It's light enough to invert if you pop it open the wrong way.

Unfortunately, while that part is quick enough, the frame is only part of the story. 

Antonio noted how fiddly it was for him to attach the mattress to the cot's base (which adds to its set-up time). Doing this correctly is very important to reduce the risk of any entrapment hazards. You need to pass four velcro straps through accompanying slits, which is a very awkward process not helped by the snug and firm mattress board.

The Aeromoov has a bassinet mode for infants, and it's similarly difficult to attach the mattress in this mode, too.

The instructions are adequate, with sufficient information about how to operate the cot, but not all the required safety markings are evident.

Putting the Aeromoov away

In the lower cot mode, detaching the mattress by disengaging the velcro straps is an OK process but in bassinet mode it's more difficult to access the straps.

Folding the frame is very easy; you lie the cot on its side, and push at the marked spot to fold the frame down.

How safe is the Aeromoov?

Around two-thirds of the portable cots we test in the CHOICE labs fail at least one key safety requirement. The Aeromoov is no different; its mattress is insufficiently firm in both the lower cot position and upper bassinet positions. 

We test firmness to an accepted method that is referenced in the household cot standard using a special apparatus. In bassinet mode, we noted some sagging along the parting line of the mattress segments. In the lower cot position we also noticed a lack of firmness near the corners where the fabric cover is puffy.

Antonio also noted that the Aeromoov feels quite flimsy with the sides, ends, top rails and the base tending to deform and flex a lot.

To its credit, it does have all-round mesh sides, which allow for breathability.

In response to our findings, Aeromoov's manufacturer said it would be looking to make appropriate adjustments in order to comply with the standard.

What comes with the Aeromoov?

Out of the box, you don't get much. The Aeromoov is expensive, at $399, yet you still need to pay extra for features that are found as standard with other cots including:

  • Fitted sheet ($40)
  • Mosquito net ($40)
  • Sunshade ($40)

Is it worth it?

Our tests show many safer cots which are just as light. They may take a little longer to set up and put away, but the extra minute or two is worth it for peace of mind. This model's also quite expensive and doesn't come with some of the extra features that are available with other models.

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