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How to save more than $4,000 in 2022: CHOICE

Our experts share their saving hacks.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has released a list of saving tips and tricks that could save Australians more than $4,000 in 2022. 

"The new year is the perfect time to take a look at what you're spending money on and work out how you can cut down on some of your expenses. This can be a bit of an overwhelming process, but CHOICE's experts are here to help," says CHOICE Editor, Marg Rafferty. 

"We've put together a list of tips and tricks that could save you more than $4,000 this year. Something as simple as turning off your appliances at the powerpoint could put $180 or more back in your pocket annually, while switching health insurance providers could save you as much as up to about $900," says Rafferty. 

CHOICE's tips and tricks for saving money in 2022 include: 

1. Turn your appliances off at the powerpoint and save $180 a year.

"There are a number of appliances around your house that cost you money even when you think you've turned them off. Wireless routers and printers are particularly notorious for being the biggest energy hogs. Turning your appliances off at the wall when they're not in use will make sure you're not wasting unnecessary power and money," says Rafferty. 

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2. Switch your health insurance provider and save up to $1520 a year. 

"If you switch your hospital insurance to a cheaper Gold, Silver, or Bronze policy, you could save hundreds of dollars - our experts found savings between $550 and $1520 a year on top hospital cover by switching funds. There's likely a cheaper deal out there that will give you the same amount of cover as your current policy," says Rafferty. 

Our experts found that: 

  • People with Gold policies could save $932 a year on average by moving to a cheaper policy.
  • People with Silver policies could save $576 a year on average. 
  • People with Bronze policies could save $435 a year on average.

Find out more about switching health insurers here:

3. Change your lighting and save up to $170 per year. 

"The start of the new year is a good time to check what kind of light bulbs you're using in your home. Old incandescent and halogen light bulbs use a lot of energy compared to modern LEDS. If you switch from 1000 watt incandescent bulbs to 14 watt LED bulbs, you'll get about the same amount of light, and you'll also immediately reduce your energy consumption by about $170 per year," says Rafferty. 

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4. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of warm water and save $135.

"Did you know that you can get pretty much the same cleaning power from a cold wash as a warm wash? You'll also use far less electricity if you wash your clothes in cold water. Our experts calculated that if you switched from washing a half load every day on a warm wash, to washing a full load every day on a cold wash, you could save about $135 a year," says Rafferty. 

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Read the full list of tips and tricks to save you $4,000 here:

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