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Clothes, cooking and TVs top Black Friday wishlists: CHOICE

Australians tell CHOICE what they’re hunting for in the sales.

A new survey from consumer group CHOICE has uncovered what Australians are hunting for in the Black Friday sales.

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"Clothes, cooking and TVs are the top items Australians are looking for in the Black Friday sales for 2021," says CHOICE Editor Marg Rafferty.

"Australians are getting smarter every year and amping up their research into products during the big sales periods. Particularly when it comes to appliances and tech, there's so much variation and choice on the market, it's easy to get duped into buying a dud. We're seeing more and more Australians turn to independent reviews and testing to escape the marketing hype and pick up a genuine bargain," says Rafferty.

Read CHOICE's tips for navigating the Black Friday sales here.

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CHOICE also says the dominance of Boxing Day sales may be coming to an end.

"If Black Friday sales keep trending the way they are, we may see Boxing Day lose its place on the mantle as the biggest shopping day of the year soon, but our advice is to be careful of the hype of any sale. Do your research, know the sales tricks and buy something if it's genuinely a bargain and going to meet your needs - and that counts for all year round," say Rafferty.

"There are sales all year round so you don't need to feel the pressure to buy at the Black Friday sales. Over six months from May to October 2021, we monitored marketing emails from 16 retailers. From the nearly 2,500 emails we looked at, 81% referenced a sale or some other discount, with offers ranging from as little as five percent to as much as 96% off." 

CHOICE Black Friday 2021 Tips

Research, research, research! CHOICE testing finds dozens of dud products every year - even at large discounts some products are just not worth it!

Clothes and shoes

BEWARE: There's no legal right to a refund or exchange if you've bought the wrong size or just don't like it (if the advertised size is accurate). Choose clothing retailers that go above and beyond your basic rights.

Kitchen appliances

Do you really need it? CHOICE experts say a food processor is a kitchen essential, but do you really need that air fryer?


Know your TV product codes and CHOICE experts recommend trying to haggle for a bargain in-store this year.


Pay outright? Pay through a plan? Apple iOS? Google Android? Go in knowing what features matter to you.


Entry-level, mid-range or high-end? Will you ever get around to creating that blockbuster film or will word processing and web browsing do the job? Pick the right laptop for your lifestyle.

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Editor's notes:

CHOICE surveyed 1047 Australians between 9 and 23 June, 2021.

The data has been weighted to make sure it is representative of the Australian population according to the 2016 ABS Census data on age, state, sex, household income and education.