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Bike light reviews

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Last updated: 15 August 2019


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A good quality bike light can help you get home safely in the dark. Not only do they light the way, they can make you visible to other riders, drivers and pedestrians when you're in dark or low-light environments. We compare more than 50 front and rear models, with the help of Consumer New Zealand (CNZ) - our sister organisation that handled this test.

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CNZ looks at:

  • Light performance (lux) at three angles.
  • Ease of use when fitting, adjusting and using the lights day-to-day.
  • The size and quality of each light, including spread.
  • Water resistance.
Matthew Steen
By CHOICE staff
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    Defined by light mount location.

      Water resistant

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      We thoroughly doused the lights with a garden sprinkler. We checked they all worked correctly while soaking wet, then inspected for any water inside the lens and battery compartment or charge port. We don't include water resistance in our overall score, but we won't recommend lights that show signs of water ingress.


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        Refers to whether the light/s are designed to provide enough light to cycle in low light/dark environments, or make you visible to other riders, drivers and pedestrians in low light/dark environments.

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          • Fitting score
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          • Light area quality
          • Water resistant
          • Charge time
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          • Type
          • Design
          • Battery type
          • Battery life
          • Shape
          • LED count
          • Number of steady modes
          • Number of flash modes
          • Number of pulse modes
          • Mount type
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