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Samsung washer and dryer

For a $3000 waste of time and water

It's time to air the dirty laundry on Samsungs WD16J9845KG washer/dryer combo. It scored a zero for drying time in our test, and that's only because we chose not to score it minus 35 – which is what it actually achieved. It also used a large amount of water and ended up with an overall score of 26%, the lowest of all the machines we tested.

In our drying runs, the Samsung took more than 6.5 hours to complete a cycle and used 149 litres of fresh drinking water to remove three litres of water from our 3.5kg test load (the water-efficiency label states it will use a whopping 210 litres to dry a full load). In the time it takes to dry a load of clothes, you could nab a cheap fare from Sydney to the Gold Coast and dry them on the beach.

Of course, all that water could come in handy if you have other Samsung products sitting around. Samsung top loader washing machines and the Galaxy Note7 phone have both received Shonky Awards in recent years due to their propensity to catch fire unexpectedly.

Samsung's latest lemon costs a whopping $2999, and while the washing machine's rinse and dirt-removal scores were admirable, we encountered several other problems. Even when just washing, it uses a relatively high volume of water (133L in our test), there's no water-saving option or way to improve efficiency, plus it's likely to cost an additional $400 per year to run (for washing and drying) on top of the pricey RRP.

We really didn't think we'd be inviting Samsung back to the Shonky Awards for a third year in a row, but it's once again tumbled itself into the Shonky pile.

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