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Cash Converters

The Shonky Award for... Best Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff


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When you go down to the internet today, you're in for a big surprise, particularly if you're looking for advice about managing your budget. 

Sure, you could contact an accountant or a financial counsellor, but if gets its way, you'll be contacting one of Australia's biggest payday lenders. 

That's right, the wolf of misery street, Cash Converters, has decided to give a helping hand to everyday Aussies – or have they? 

We were surprised to get a call this year from a marketing agency representing the pawnbroker chain seeking our comment for a website,, on how people could save money. 

What a goldmine of consumer advice! 

At first glance, seems like a source of simple tips to save a buck, but as you read further you soon realise all roads lead back to, where they try to sign you up to a crippling payday loan. So instead of saving a buck, you could be locking in a loan with a crippling interest rate.

There's no such thing as something for nothing when it comes to branded content like this. 

Despite the handy tips about penny pinching and decluttering the garage, 'Cashies' would love nothing more than to load you up with some toxic debt.

Cash Converters charges a hefty 20% establishment charge and 4% monthly fees for its personal loans, meaning if you borrow $2000 you'll end up paying back $3360 over the 12-month borrowing period. That's a 68% interest rate, enough to put you in a big hole full of bad debt.

Common sense? We think not. 

We suggest Cash Converters digs around at where they can pick up their golden lemon.