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We took aim at super-expensive super juices, from super fruits like noni, goji, acai and mangosteen, which cost up to $85 a bottle. Claiming to be full of antioxidants, our lab tests found that a serve of juice contains far less than a fresh apple.

We also took exception to the claims of Nutella Hazelnut Spread. "Less fat than most peanut butters, less sugar than most jam" say the ads. Maybe, but equally it contains more sugar than most peanut butters and more fat than jam, and just because it is low GI does not mean it's healthy.

If you're up for something really healthy, why not a fun game of frisbee? But probably not with the Play For Fun Flying Ring, which bears the warning, "Do not launch or throw in the direction of other people". Frustrating? Yes. Fun? Not so much.

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