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Clip Fresh Food Container CFPP2214 review

1.4L claimed capacity. Priced at $2.

  • Clip Fresh Food Container CFPP2214 carousel image
  • Clip Fresh Food Container CFPP2214 carousel image
  • Clip Fresh Food Container CFPP2214 carousel image
  • Clip Fresh Food Container CFPP2214 carousel image
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CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Good points

• Lid is easy to open and close
•Holds liquid well, does not leak when shaken

Bad points

•Nothing in particular
Recommended View more details.

We recommend plastic containers with a CHOICE Expert Rating of at least 80%.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

The CHOICE Expert Rating is a combination of performance scores (70%) and ease of use scores (30%)

Performance score
Ease of use score View more details.

How easy the containers are to clean, stack and open/close.

Airtight test View more details.

We place moisture detection beads into the containers and plunge them in water to see if anything gets in.

Leakproof test View more details.

We place water coloured with food dye in the container and shake it over kitchen paper to see if the container leaks.

Odour and stain test View more details.

We repeatedly microwave bolognese sauce in the containers and run them through the dishwasher to see if the stains and odours remain. Containers that aren't microwave safe won't have a score.

Price View more details.

Prices can vary depending on promotions and pack sizes. General guide only.

Material View more details.

Claimed material.

Polypropylene (PP)
Dimensions (cm, H x W x L)
10 x 16 x 16
Claimed capacity (L) View more details.

Manufacturer's claimed capacity.

Measured capacity (L) View more details.

Our measured capacity.

Country of origin View more details.

Claimed place of manufacture.

Steam release vent View more details.

Handy to release pressure when microwaving, or to help hot foods cool by releasing steam.

Freezer-safe View more details.

Whether the manufacturer claims the container can be stored in the freezer.

Air locks - clip on lid View more details.

A good clip can help ensure the product is airtight.

Yes - 2
Removable silicone gasket View more details.

No gasket at all, or one that is secured to the lid, is better than a removable one which could get lost or attract mould if moisture gets into crevices.

Warranty (years) View more details.

The manufacturer's warranty claims.

None stated
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